On what all principles does a valuer work in valuation?

I certify that I have audited the financial statements on pages 0 to 0 under the Government Resources and Accounts Act 2000. The Criminal Records Bureau and Chief Executive are also responsible for the preparation of the Foreword. However, the evidence available to me was limited in respect of turnover and debtors relating to the processing of volunteer applications. No charge should be made for volunteer applications although testing revealed a number of instances where charges had been recorded.

However, there were no systems of control over these amounts on which I could rely for the purposes of my audit and there were no other satisfactory audit procedures that I could adopt to ascertain the extent of any potential overstatement and to confirm that turnover and debtors were properly stated. Under Part V of the Police Act 1997, the Criminal Records Bureau is required to pay a prescribed fee per check to each Police Force.

During 2002-03, the Bureau made payments to Police Forces based on gross cost reimbursement which exceeded the amounts due on a cost per check basis. except for payments made to Police Forces referred to above, in all other material respects the expenditure and income have been applied to the purposes intended by Parliament and the financial transactions conform to the authorities which govern them. proper accounting records were not maintained in respect of disclosure notice income and debtors up to 5 February 2003. Read more : Melbourne Property Valuers

Major refurbishment work has been carried out at the Darwen site during the year. This work has been capitalised over the length of the lease agreements. A full years depreciation is provided on all tangible fixed assets in the year of acquisition at rates calculated to write off the cost or valuation of each asset evenly over its expected useful life as follows: The minimum level for capitalisation as a tangible fixed asset (excluding fixtures & fittings) is £750 per item.